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Hot Goblin has a long and proven track record for providing excellent location catering services. We have been successfully delivering high quality catering to the TV and film industry since 1999.

There are two fully equipped location catering kitchens plus a range of back up vehicles providing storage and refrigeration. Hot Goblin can cater for up to 300 people per day, providing breakfast lunch and afternoon tea. If your production has specific service, location or timing requirements, please get in touch. We’d love to discuss your production with you.

Our business is focused on catering for TV, film and commercial productions. We cater for productions large and small.

Our focus is on ensuring that everyone involved in the production is well fed and catered for. First of all we make sure we get the basics right: like always being on time and always being ready with high quality food. There are also a few things that we do which make us different from our competitors:

  • For every lunch serving we also offer an extensive buffet table providing additional hot and cold dishes, salads, cheese selection, bread board and fruit bowl. The self service buffet table enables the cast and crew to help themselves if they wish, keeping queuing time to minimum and service times fast and efficient.
  • Our menus change daily; we do not have a rotating menu system. We constantly introduce new dishes alongside known favourites. We know that making a production for TV or film is hard work. It is essential that we keep energy levels up by keeping the food tasty, nutritious and interesting.
  • Everything we serve is freshly prepared and we steer clear of deep frying. As well as keeping you, the cast and crew satisfied, we also want to help you stay healthy.


As the Film and TV industry has come to a complete standstill, I have used this time to make sure Hot Goblin Events is Covid 19 Compliant. We are now ready for when productions start, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Hot Goblin is a member of NCASS (NationwideCaterers Association) and they have put together a Covid 19 Compliancy working schedule, which we will be working to.

All Hot Goblin Events staff are trained to Level 2 Food Hygiene or above. I have (as required) PPE (face masks, gloves, disposable aprons) so we are up and running when the industry is safe to start again. I have also put together a working schedule so we will be working within the 2 metre social distance between staff and crew.

We will obviously also be working very closely with the production team as the best way to cater on set and at the unit base while keeping safe 2 metre distance.

Thankfully Coronavirus is not passed through food so you can still enjoy Hot Goblin’s delicious food.


As any good producer will tell you the first thing to do when you get a commission is book the Caterers. Chris at Hot Goblin is always my first port of call. When I’m struggling to get a crew member to commit to the job my clincher is ‘oh by the way my caterers are’………… They are simply that good and crews know it!

Cahal Bannon , Line Producer – The Tunnel, The Hour 2, Spooks 10 – Kudos

If the series itself plays on cultural difference, then the film crews have also had to accept to each others work practice. The French have had to do without wine at lunch, though they have been pleasantly surprised by the high standard of the British catering.

Article taken from The Telegraph, 7th October 2013, Hot Goblin Events catering on the production of “The Tunnel” – Kudos

Hugh thanks to you, Paul and the rest of your team, I was told every day by cast and crew how brilliant Hot Goblin are!

Hugh Warren, Producer – Call The Midwife – series 1 & 2

As I sit in our downsized office in Soho, I thought it was time to write and thank you properly for all your hard work on Call The Midwife. Your ability to produce delicious, varied and interesting food on a daily basis for a crew who survive on their stomachs is truly amazing!

Patrick Schweitzer, Line Producer – Call The Midwife – series 1

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